To provide the right solution it is necessary to know the quality of power in respective electrical network for which we conduct 3 phase ON line measurements for parameters.

We are capable of doing power quality / harmonic analysis at:
  • LT network : upto 1000 volts.
  • HT network : upto 33 kilo volts.
Data of following parameters is collected during the activity:
  1. System voltage RMS- phase wire
  2. System current RMS- phase wire
  3. Total harmonic distortion voltage
  4. Total harmonic distortion current
  5. Individual voltage harmonics- upto 49th order
  6. Individual current harmonic- upto 49th order
  7. Active power
  8. Reactive power
  1. Displacement power factor
  2. True power factor
  3. Current variation
  4. Voltage variation
  5. Voltage unbalance (IEEE/IEC)
  6. Current unbalance (IEEE/IEC)
  7. Voltage flickers
  8. Surge and transients

The sampling rate for collecting these parameters can be upto 10msec based on the behavior of the respective electrical network, load interactions. The data compiled at respective feeders is compiled and analyzed together considering the load interactions and it's effects to identify the areas where overall Power Quality needs to be improved, Harmonics needs to be reduced which can result possible " Energy Saving".

The PQA report is prepared in terms of actual instantaneous values and graphical representation of all these parameters can also be provided for better understanding. Instantaneous / actual photographs of the waveshapes for voltage / current are also taken during online measurement to know the waveform distortion.